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This week I will talk about gel eyeliners that I usually work with.
It is very important when buying makeup, to know their technical characteristics, but also the experience that other people have had with these products. We must take into account that each face has a different skin and pH that makes different the results of the product.


Maybelline New York EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

It mixes the ease of application of an eye pencil with the professional result of a liquid liner. It brings an intense color and a perfect stroke in a single try thanks to its gel texture and its soft and accurate brush. Due to its long-lasting result, it remains intact throughout the day.
The price-quality relationship of this gel eyeliner is excellent. Iit is a product that is worth having in our make-up case, it has a matte texture, its finish is a very subtle matte black, and it is not deep black. After applied to the eyelid, it does not stain, since it dries fast.
This Maybelline gel eyeliner is a lasting product, both in its application and in its useful life. This product tends to dry out over the time, but by adding duraline recovers its features and their benefits will be the same without noticing any kind of difference.



Its highly concentrated pigments provide ideal coverage and rich colors after just one application. The creamy and delicate long lasting formula dries to a longlasting, smudge proof, and crease proof finish. It is waterproof.
In the makeup that I have done I can tell you that this inglot gel eyeliner performs a very matte finish with a dark black tone. I recommend this eyeliner for professional makeup artists with a huge volume of clients or for people who are going to use it every day, because it is a product with a short useful life and it is not possible to extend its life by adding any product, because this fact will alter its quality.


This eyeliner is ultra-soft and long lasting; its high-pigmented formula helps to create the perfect look. Besides, it is enriched with green tea and Vitamin E.
Based on the works I have been doing I can say that the main characteristic of this eyeliner is its dramatic tone and its spectacular and beautiful finish. It is matte but slightly shiny. It is hard to achieve good results in mature or very thin eyelids skin. However, it is a long lasting and a good quality product.
I hope you have taken notes of these advices and consider them when you decide to invest in a beauty product.  My glamorous people see you soon.

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